Disaster Recovery

backup_thumbIn our information driven world, data is core to every business. Generated daily, data is created, added to, manipulated and stored. ­­The ease at which data can be accessed also means it can be deleted or corrupted just as easily. What would be the impact on your business if emails or financial records were suddenly gone?

Equipment failures, natural disasters and malicious activity can also have a major effect on your business operation, financial security, and in some cases, your ability to continue trading. It is therefore essential that organisations have a robust and proven backup and disaster recovery solution for their systems.

ITMS can provide you with that solution. Our backup and disaster recovery (DR) system provides you with fast and reliable data protection, data retrieval, and complete system recovery. Our solution is a complete standalone system for any Microsoft server or desktop environment, which can be tailored to best suit your needs.

With Australia seeing an increase of major natural events such as floods, storms and fires, as well as the persistent risk of malicious activity such as theft, vandalism, or network penetration, it is vital for businesses to have a well proven IT continuity and disaster recovery system. ITMS uses state of the art disk imaging software to continuously backup your systems, up to every 15min, to ensure you can retrieve data quickly and minimise any potential downtime.

We also offer the ability to have your images stored offsite in our data centre; so in the event of a major incident, your entire IT systems are not only protected, but can be brought back on line in our hosted environment, reducing the outage time for you and allowing time to recover and continue trading.  

As an added service, we can also monitor and test your backups each and every day to ensure that when you need to recover data or a system, you can have absolute confidence this will be achieved.