Business benefit

Complete IT Protection: A complete integrated solution that has the capability to protect your entire Windows server and desktop environment, including the operating system, applications like Microsoft™ Exchange and SQL, and your data.

Disaster Recovery: fast, simple, reliable data protection, disaster recovery and system migration, that will have your servers online as quickly as possible.

Daily Backup Testing: For a minimal fee, your backups are monitored and tested daily for health and consistency, to ensure they are ready when you need them.

Production Savings: Minimise downtime and save money.

Virtual Boot: Backups can be booted virtually, allowing for time to fix the issue, while ensuring your company continues to work normally.

Complete Confidence: Deleted files can be retrieved and put back within two minutes and a complete server can be virtually booted within 10 minutes.

Complete Offsite DR: Through ITMS’ replicating service, your backups are copied to our secure data centre, so you have the confidence that in the event of a total catastrophe, we can have your company systems up and running on our hardware allowing you to deal with the issue.

Additional service: We can provide a complete IT DR plan allowing for complete DR capacity to be realised and tested. Recent examples in Brisbane, NSW, Victoria and Christchurch have shown the critical importance of DR to protecting a business’s ability to recover and continue trading.

Constant Monitoring and testing: We can provide a daily service for minimal cost to monitor and also test your backups daily. This allows peace of mind and real insurance if and when you will need to use them.