Monitoring_thumbnailInfrastructure and computer systems have become critical components of any business operation. IT systems need to be highly available, reliable and secure. To ensure this, IT staff can spend hours every day monitoring those systems, leaving them little time to work on other jobs, projects or new technologies.

ITMS’ Infrastructure Monitoring offers you this solution. Designed to compliment your IT department, our software monitors your hardware and operating environments, from memory usage, to disk capacity and health, processor utilization, computer temperature and computer warranty. We also monitor error logs and can set up action plans for different alerts. We can also assist with planned maintenance, preventing costly outages and ensuring optimum performance of your IT equipment and systems.

This is not a replacement for IT services presently employed within your company, but an added benefit. ITMS has the experience, skills and knowledge to ensure all critical alerts are relayed to your IT staff, as well as providing monthly performance data to assist with planned maintenance.

Our clients have seen real savings from this service. With ITMS watching the health of your systems, your IT staff are free to work on other projects, in the knowledge that they will be informed of an issue, in most cases before it causes downtime to operations.


Business benefits:

  • Assured daily monitoring of your current infrastructure and systems
  • Provides regular reporting on system health and status.
  • Assists the future hardware planning requirements
  • Assists businesses to plan maintenance.
  • Increases risk management mitigation.
  • Releases internal resources for other work.
  • Adds to the IT skill base available.
  • Increased productivity from system optimisation.
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